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About 8% of public school funding comes from the Federal Government, I would like to design a program designed to narrow the educational gap in the United States between the highest and lowest income school districts, several programs already exist to allow lower income districts access to federal grants, but my ideas will be premised on several factors to determine if a school district could be entitled to more federal funding.  My legislation mostly would deal with additional grants for lower income districts throughout my District, and the United States

I feel strongly about Education, and was a past candidate for the State Board of Education.  Michigan is currently fifth from the bottom of the country regarding the gap between the wealthiest and poorest school districts in America.  I will write legislation designed to help all students achieve academic success.  I will also not support school choice, as I feel it is a band aid to fix inequitable funding to public schools.  I will fight to bring more money to fund public education.  I will support and work on legislation that will give every student in Michigan and in the US a fighting chance at future success.

Education is still a top priority in my campaign, and I will work in Washington to narrow one of the worst Educational gaps in Michigan through the allotment of additional Federal funding allocated properly to the poorest districts, not just in Michigan, but throughout the US.

I want to work with others in DC to narrow the Educational gaps in the states affected the most by this issue, but also all the states.  Michigan is currently fifth from the bottom of the nation in the gap between the lowest and highest income areas regarding Educational attainment.  I have ideas on net worth taxation on the wealthiest that would help fund these initiatives, there are other methods, but I believe a net worth tax would hurt the least, and help the most.

I want to see legislation passed in the house so public university college tuition is free throughout the United States, and at community colleges throughout our country.  I will fight to have these provisions, and legislation discussing these topics passed in America.  The premise behind making this legislation a reality is complex but believe it can be accomplished without raising the tax base of anyone making under $400,000 a year.  It has been implemented in various programs in Michigan regarding community colleges and will fight to see a community college tuition provision not get knocked out of legislation by the GOP.

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