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I will fight against insurance companies raising the costs of prescription drugs and denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  I will fight to lower the Medicare age in America.  I support a single payer healthcare system but will defend the Affordable Care Act until such a system can be put in place.  The options proposed by the GOP not only deny individuals access to healthcare they raise costs and premiums.  I do think a single payer health care system is possible in America.

A single payer healthcare system should be enacted to help all of those without insurance or underinsured in our country.  At present, roughly 9 percent of U.S. residents are uninsured, and 26 percent are underinsured—i.e. they are unable to adequately access needed health care because of prohibitively high costs.

I pay my own health insurance out of pocket, about $500 a month.  I know what it is like to handle high costs for healthcare.  I don't think healthcare should be linked to employment at all.  I do support the ACA though until a single payer system can be negotiated in our country.  I will fight hard to pass a single payer healthcare system in America.  A single payer healthcare system would not totally wipe out private insurance, in the UK millions still elect to handle their own insurance with a single payer system.

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