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Policing Reform

There have been many steps taken in the United States to address this issue, but it is an ongoing issue.  I spent around 8 months in the process to be a Federal Agent.  I did not get enough points in the final interview, this is usually attempted again, but I aged out of the process.  I hold anyone in law enforcement to the highest standards, well above a normal citizen.   

Racial Equality is an issue in policing, we need to bring more attention to the awful disparities affecting resident of color in my district, and throughout the United States.  I stand for demilitarization of many police departments, to reduce situations of unnecessary violence. 

I believe many of the problems with policing in America begins with the hiring practices, if elected I would draft legislation reforming the hiring practices of police officers throughout the United States, establishing federal guidelines every department must follow in the hiring of new officers.  I would utilize experts in all fields to accomplish this, and consult various groups throughout America.

Committee to Elect Brian Jaye, 145 South Livernois #176, Rochester MI 48307
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