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Protect our Great Lakes and Water Supply

At the current time 95% of the United States population has PFAS in their system, PFAS are in non-stick pans, raincoats, and various other products.  These chemicals break down very slowly and can take longer than four years to pass through the body’s kidney system.  PFOS or Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid is another chemical category that can take up to four years to pass through the human body.  PFOS are in stain-resistant material, fire-fighting foam, and food packaging.  These chemicals are dispensed into the environment (and groundwater) in different ways.  They can be accidentally brought into the Water Supply, such as from fire-fighting, or intentionally from company pollution.  VOCs or volatile organic compounds are a by-product of landfills that hold organic materials for many years. VOCs occur when organic material such as paper, food waste (not animal products such as bones) and other vegetation decompose and are generally not from the area.

I will work hard at the Federal Level to make sure legislation is passed that protects our Great Lakes, and Water Supply.  I will work to garner support on legislation addressing these issues to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals in our water supply, and continue to press to find alternatives safer for our environment.  I know there are ongoing efforts at the Congressional level to fight this battle, and I will always support legislation that reduces harmful effects of corporate negligence.


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