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I want to start by saying I support legislation that has been introduced, which decriminalizes anything that reduces violent crime.  This is not something a cookie cutter politician would say.  Why should this be important, because it is a cycle.  If we don't decriminalize situations where it includes victimless crimes these laws will target the poor, and minority populations of America, it will cause more harm than good.  

Reproductive Rights:

A woman has a right to choose.

I want it known being "pro-choice" doesn't mean I like abortion, it means it isn't my choice, it is a woman's choice. My opinion isn't relevant. I am grateful everyday for my son, and cherish life greatly, but again, it is always a woman's choice, it is her body.

Before Roe V. Wade roughly 200 women died a year from illegal abortions, and between 20% to 25% of all pregnancies were aborted. I will never stand in the way of a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body.

Israeli/Palestinian conflict: 

I feel it is imperative that the US continue to have a positive relationship with Israel, but will not support any abuses of power by Israel against anyone from Palestine in their conflict that are human rights violations.  I unconditionally do not support any violent unnecessary actions taken in the conflict.

I would keep support to Israel following President Biden, but also reinstating humanitarian aid to Palestine cut by the Trump Administration.

Reversing Trump, Biden Restores Aid to Palestinians - The New York Times (

Decriminalization of Marijuana at the Federal Level:

I support the the legalization of Marijuana at the national level throughout the United States.  I also support HR 3884, which would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and eliminate criminal penalties for individuals who manufacture, distribute or possess marijuana. It also includes creating a process to remove prior convictions, known as expungement, and conduct sentencing review hearings for federal cannabis offenses.

Marijuana vote: House passes bill decriminalizing drug at federal level - CNNPolitics

Constitutional Right to Candidacy:

I would like to introduce legislation in Congress stating that no employer in the United States can put any restrictions on any of their employees ability to run for any political office, as long as it doesn't interfere with their work duties.

Living Wages:

I think a $15 minimum wage should be passed in the United States of America.  

It is said raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would cost 1.4 million jobs, but research has disproved that. As Bloomberg News summarized it, "[a] wave of new economic research is disproving those arguments about job losses and youth employment."


Economic Inequality:

I travel the country where I see people spending $300,000 on comic books, and at conventions in MI people take photos of any comic priced over $10,000. I see real people, I want better jobs in Michigan.  I have worked with small business owners for over a decade on top of being an attorney, most of these business owners were based in Michigan.  I also worked with business owners based in other states.  The business owners in other states had millions in reserves to buy collections, while most of my fellow Michigan business owners were flipping items from $10 to $30.  There is such a disparity in Michigan, that I don't even like to tell people honestly.  I travel the United States, and I see first hand the economic disparities affecting so many.  I want to bring better tax breaks to small business to compete nationally, and try to also bring larger businesses to set up locations in my state offering jobs to all.  Popular culture is a billion dollar industry.  I would like to see more tax breaks to Hollywood to make movies in Michigan.

Also wages amongst those from different backgrounds, and genders must be equalized.  I will support and draft legislation to tackle these issues.

End Corporate Money in Politics:

My campaign is grassroots, we should not have certain sources be able to donate millions to bring down a candidate.  I will work hard in Washington to bring an end to these type of contributions, and dark money without a reasonable source.

2nd Amendment: 

On the 2nd Amendment, my policies are pretty in line with Bernie.  I don't like assault weapons, but do see the value in law-abiding citizens to own guns.  I want better background checks for someone to be able to get a gun in America.  We all want a safer America.

LGBTQ Rights:

A major part of my platform in the State Board of Education was LGBTQ rights.  I will fight for every single member of the LGBTQ community.  I will support and write legislation designed to protect every member of this community.  I will fight to expand rights to everyone no matter their preferences is entitled to all the same rights as everyone else in this Country.

We are also at a turning point with the current US Supreme Court appointees from a more conservative background.  Justice Barrett has ties to anti LGBTQ groups.  I will make sure if Obergefell v. Hodges is overturned, Congress acts fast in drafting legislation protecting every American's constitutional right to Marriage.

Protecting the Right to Vote:

The Voting Rights Act must be protected, and end any form of discrimination that stands in the way of anyone voting.

Military spending:

I was raised by soldiers, when it comes to funding I have to think like a General running for Congress. I support cutting any surplus in Military spending, while making sure America is protected from real threats to our country. I oppose unnecessary wars.

Policing Reform:

There have been many steps taken in the United States to address this issue, but it is an ongoing issue.  I spent around 8 months in the process to be a Federal Agent.  I did not get enough points in the final interview, this is usually attempted again, but I aged out of the process.  I hold anyone in law enforcement to the highest standards, well above a normal citizen.   

Racial Equality is an issue in policing, we need to bring more attention to the awful disparities affecting resident of color in my district, and throughout the United States.  I stand for demilitarization of many police departments, to reduce situations of unnecessary violence. 

I believe many of the problems with policing in America begins with the hiring practices, if elected I would draft legislation reforming the hiring practices of police officers throughout the United States, establishing federal guidelines every department must follow in the hiring of new officers.  I would utilize experts in all fields to accomplish this, and consult various groups throughout America.


I will fight against insurance companies raising the costs of prescription drugs, and denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  I support Medicare for all, and will work hard to defend the Affordable Care Act.  I believe Healthcare is a right that shouldn't be tied to employment.

Medicare for All should be enacted to help all of those without insurance, or underinsured in our country.  At present, roughly 9 percent of U.S. residents are uninsured and 26 percent are underinsured—i.e. they are unable to adequately access needed health care because of prohibitively high costs.

I pay my own health insurance out of pocket, about $500 a month.  I know what it is like to handle high costs for healthcare.  I don't think healthcare should be linked to employment at all.  I do support the ACA though, but will fight hard to pass Medicare for All.  There are considerations to take into account, and that would be displaced workers in the insurance industry.  I want to make sure all these individuals have replacement employment, before an industry is decimated.  I believe the structure of the Bill does make these adjustments.  Also Medicare for All would not totally wipe out private insurance, in the UK millions still elect to handle their own insurance with a single payer system.

Immigration Reform:

My campaign understands the importance of immigration reform in America, being a first generation American on my father's side.  My campaign believes in the rights of all human beings, and will protect anyone within our country from legislation designed to negatively impact their lives.

Jobs and the Economy:

I was the first in my immediate family to attend college or law school; I know what it is like to work hard.  I also own a small business, I want every small business owner protected, and given the same opportunities as large corporations.  I will fight for a living wage in America, and there are many benefits to a livable wage, Including:

- An increase in the amount of disposable income residents have to support small businesses in the area.


I feel strongly about Education, and was a past candidate for the State Board of Education.  Michigan is currently fifth from the bottom of the country regarding the gap between the wealthiest and poorest school districts in America.  I will write legislation designed to help all students achieve academic success.  I will also not support school choice, as I feel it is a band aid to fix inequitable funding to public schools.  I will fight to bring more money to fund public education.  I will support and work on legislation that will give every student in Michigan and in the US a fighting chance at future success.

Education is still a top priority in my campaign, and I will work in Washington to narrow one of the worst Educational gaps in Michigan through the allotment of additional Federal funding allocated properly to the poorest districts, not just in Michigan, but throughout the US.

I want to work with others in DC to narrow the Educational gaps in the states affected the most by this issue, but also all the states.  Michigan is currently fifth from the bottom of the nation in the gap between the lowest and highest income areas regarding Educational attainment.  I have ideas on net worth taxation on the wealthiest that would help fund these initiatives, there are other methods, but I believe a net worth tax would hurt the least, and help the most.

I also feel strongly that college for all should be passed in the house so public university college tuition is free throughout the United States.

Social Security and Medicare:

I will oppose the privatization of Social Security, and fight to keep the benefit age the same, or raise the retirement age.  I will not allow Medicare to be turned into a voucher program, and fight to allow Medicare the power to lower prescription drug prices.  Medicare for all if passed would allow those under 65 to the same benefits as those over 65 enrolled in the program.  It would lower prescription prices for millions of Americans.

Environment and Energy:

Everyone knows about the dangers of allowing the increase of lead in our drinking Water.  I will make sure anyone guilty of corporate polluting suffers consequences.  I will also work with experts to make sure climate change is stopped in it's tracks. 

I fully support the Green New Deal, the fight against utilizing fossil fuels as a source for energy in America to other renewable and sustainable energy sources.  The Green New Deal will create new green energy jobs within the District, and the United States.

Safety of those in the community, and nation:

I am running a campaign that cares about the safety of every human being, not only in my district, but the United States of America.  Every human being matters, and I stand firm on my grounds that in Congress, I will work hard to protect the safety of every human. 





Committee to Elect Brian Jaye, 145 South Livernois #176, Rochester MI 48307
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