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Increase Funding to Socioeconomic Disadvantaged School Districts

The first time I ever ran for Political office, I ran high, I decided to run for the Michigan State Board of Education, not my local school board, because after working at some of the best law firms in the world, I was taken on tours throughout the US, and told of areas, where children are pushed from a very young age, some close to my son's age, he will be four in April, to prepare to attend an University like Harvard or Michigan, the high School I attended, had award winning programs, I was just shy, but my concern came with Districts throughout the state from areas with a lower socioeconomic base, and how could I intellectually fix these issues, that is mostly systemic, and based on factors beyond control, a lot of it deals with societal expectations, kids want to fit in with their peers, so if everyone is preparing to go to Harvard, then that is the societal expectations of those areas.

        My ideas regarding programs designed to elevate funding are handled different at the State level, than the Federal level. There are many programs that I could develop, and have made into legislation through the Michigan legislature, that would develop funding initiatives possibly, without significantly raising taxes, if governmental surplus could be used to fund these programs.  If the surplus is not readily available, I have designed specific legislation that would be premised using a wealth tax to fund many of these programs.  I am literally thinking of new programs every day, and hope to further develop these programs in time, I am currently enrolled at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor to get certified as a public-school teacher and hope to get a graduate degree in Ann Arbor studying various trends impacting education throughout America.

Committee to Elect Brian Jaye, 145 South Livernois #176, Rochester MI 48307
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